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Lets Give it another Go. by Neorush 2012-11-01 - 18:27:50
So here we go again, it\'s hard to believe so much has happened so fast. Well it wasn\'t that fast, its been a few YEARS since the last post I made here.
So what\'s changed...well that girl I mentioned in the first few posts since I started this blog, and I are now married. Have been since July of 2010. I got a job, left a job, got another job left that job, and started a company, handed that company off to my wife, started another company with a friend, friend left, I kept the company going, etc.\'s all pretty interesting, life that is. What\'s most interesting is that when I look back at posts I find myself perplexed by what I thought was important, and what I feel is important now. Of course I know that will all be different in the not to distant future as well...and around and around it goes. There are very few things that have been constant in the last few years...the one thing that has is my wife. So I\'ll say it again, that girl is amazing...its going to be interesting to keep posting here...I wonder if I should move this to some kind of public site to keep the posts up for my children, and their children, it would be awesome to read my grandfather\'s posts to things like anti-squirrel sites.
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The Blurry Distance by Neorush 2009-10-26 - 22:42:19
I just thought it'd be nice to put something here. SO much has happened in the last year in a half, not that I should be surprised. I do wonder where and when my contentment will fall, if ever. I think I'm realizing that I will always be changing what I am, and what I want to contribute; which of course forces me to ponder if I'll ever contribute anything. But life is a funny funny thing when it comes to this stuff, and seemingly insignificant actions over time add up to our accomplishments. The bumbling and stumbling is part of progress I suppose, or at least that's what I try and tell myself. At any rate, it does keep it interesting. I'm just wondering exactly what it is I am supposed to actually accomplish, there are so many ideas. Weight Management is a lot of fun, and it does so much for the lives of the people we work with. But it seems so small to me sometimes, I just want it to be bigger, and better, and really make an impact. I don't necessarily mean WM when I say it. I guess I mean whatever I seem to waste my time doing, in that, I hope I'm not really wasting my time. Think that sentence over. I know how everyone I know would answer that question, which maybe bugs me even more, why I can't find contentment in the life surrounding me. I guess I just HAVE to know more, its just human curiosity. Thank goodness I'm not a cat. So I'll just keep at it, and look for that feeling, it is there; hiding in the blurry distance.
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The Answer is 43 by Neorush 2008-06-29 - 22:32:37
It's hard to believe that almost 7 months into 2008 I've only made two posts. So much has been happening though, blogging is definitely taking a back seat. I'm not really sure where to start, oh yea, I started a new job, just got back from Bike Week at in Laconia, NH, which by the way putting saddle bags on a sportster the night before you leave is not necessarily a good idea, its just the way it worked out. Pretty fun time though, met some really nice guys from Ontario and Dan, Christina, and I hung out with them a few days. I always thought then in the movies when Canadians say "eh" after every sentence it was just the movies making fun of Canadians, well they're not. These guys really said "eh" after every sentence, and some times in the middle of sentences to. But they were really nice and a lot of fun to hang out with. Not really sure where else to go with this post, maybe I'll come back to it later, put something else up. Out.
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Atreyu - Lead Sails Paper Anchor by Neorush 2008-02-12 - 22:50:30
I was excited about Atreyu's new album Lead Sails Paper Anchor. Now I'm not. Even Atreyu sounds pop-ish.....what is the world coming on the flip side...very catchy tune; that Falling Down, almost to catchy. This is a major sound diversion for these guys, maybe they're just getting old. I will say that overall the rest of the album is alright. It's no Right Side of the Bed. But hey. This is like a 6 out of 10...I'll still listen to still makes decent coding tunes. out.
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New Site by Neorush 2008-01-04 - 15:40:26
Weight Management New York - Link for Google.
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